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17 March 2009 @ 10:35 pm
(FIC) Are You My Soul Mate? Chapter 2: I Burnt You Again  
Title: Are You My Soul Mate? Chapter 2: I Burnt You Again
Author: Nyrok5 A.K.A Kezz
Rating: R, for foul language
Warning: MxM, Sexual situations, Foul Language
Pairings: Yunjae (Main), Yoosu, Yehae, Kangteuk, few more (actually a lot more)
Genre: Romance, Fluff,drama, bad humour
Disclaimer: Hell yeah I own them... NOT... In my dreams I do... Always in my dreams
A/N: I'm sorry if it sucks
Summary: Jaejoong, a transfer student from Japan finds himself asking directions from a god-like playboy who puts the him under a spell he can't escape. Finding out that Jaejoong is close with his best friend's boyfriend, this means his plans for the raven haired beauty cumble to the ground. What stops Yunho believing in such things as love and soulmates exist? What pain did a certain someone cause the fiery Jaejoong? Will Jaejoong be able to convince the playboy Yunho that love exists and will it grow between the two seemingly opposites even through all the fires they cause or will their raging battles not just cause an end for themselves but their friends as well?

“Yes I love him. I love him more than anything else in this world and there is nothing that I would like better than to hold on to him forever. But I know it's not for the best. So no matter how much my heart is going to break, I've got to let him go so he can know just how much I love him. Maybe if I'm lucky, he'll come back, but if not, I can make it through this.”
Quote Unknown

"Umma? Appa? We're here!" Jaejoong announced loudly a large smile on his face even when the customers acknowledged him with weird stares.

"Jaejoong darling, can you keep it down you'll scare off our customers," Jaejoong's mother said giving him a hug pointing him over to a table at the back that she had ready for them causing him to smile even more.

"Thanks umma, um where's Heechul?" The raven head asked his friends when they saw no sign of the over their top border lining on female friend. 

"I'm right here my little petals," Heechul said prancing into the room using his index finger to push his black fringe out of his eyes causing his friends to roll their eyes. He was dressed in a white long sleeve top with pink English writing saying 'Yes, I'm prettier than you!' And blue jeans. 

"So Jong-woon, who was that adorable little boy practically drooling all over you?" Jung-soo asked eying his best friend as they walked over to the table taking notice of the response he got when they sat down.

"Oh my god! Yesung, who is it my darling little petal?" Heechul asked with wide eyes staring at the younger who was groaning with his head on the table under his folded arms.

"His name is Donghae and he's the exact opposite to our little Jong-woon here," Jaejoong teased knowing his friend would kill him later on.

"Hero, shut the fuck up or I will tell that Yunho guy you think is oh so god-like how you got your little nick name and that other little thing that Heechul hyung and you done," Yesung threatened his friend glaring as the other's eyes widened and his face paled.

"Yeah we still don't know how you got that nick name Jae," Jung-soo commented enjoying learning about their interesting lives. 

"What? Big deal we only done a vide-" Heechul was cut off by Jaejoong's hand covering his mouth.

"Shut up please, no one knows about that except for us three," Jaejoong whispered removing his hand and his normally pale face was now a light shade of pink.  

"So do you know why Su isn't hanging around us anymore? Jae," Young-woon asked changing the topic abruptly.

"What? He doesn't hang around with you anymore? Since when?" Jaejoong asked puzzled at why his best friend would ditch them when they had known each other almost all their lives.

"When he started at that school you guys go to, he began hanging out with us less and less but now he doesn't hang out with us anymore," Young-woon replied a sad expression playing over his face.

"Um, excuse me for interrupting but what would you like to order?" A tall, young, tanned skinned boy asked, his voice was smooth and soft like chocolate.

Jaejoong's eyes widened when he saw this stranger. His eyes scanned the boy, he looked too young to be working here but he was absolutely breath taking even in the waiters apron he was wearing.

My god, he's gorgeous, Both Jaejoong and the young waiter thought.

"Uh uh uh uh....." Jaejoong stuttered making his friends giggle at his wide doe-like eyes and blank expression on his beautiful face not to mention his plump lips were apart slightly.

"I think my gay friend means we'll just have five bowls of chicken ramyun and five sodas, sexy," Heechul said seductively flirting with the younger waiter who blushed a litle before nodding his head politely and quickly walking off towards the kitchen.

"Jaejoong do you have a crush on that little boy?" Heechul asked smirking his eyes still on the tall dark brown haired boy. 

"He didn't look little to me," Jung-soo commented giggling shortly after at the look his boyfriend was giving him.

"Yah! N-No I don't like him, h-he's like still a kid. Y-yeah I'm not a paedophile, anyway I only just saw him for the first time just then," Jaejoong defended himself feeling his cheeks burn with heat.

"Hey, are you guys going to the new club T.R.I.C.K? I heard it was supposed to be the new 'hot spot' for people to go and as long as you're hot it doesn't matter what age you are well as long as you're older than sixteen but other than that yeah."

"Um... Jung-soo we do have such things called school and unlike you Jong-woon and I have a mountain of home work," Jaejoong replied to his friend sarcastically.

"Please come with Kangin and myself," Jung-soo whined, giving his famous 'puppy dog eye' look causing the others to smile at him.

"And you're supposed to be the eldest out of us," Heechul remarked eyes still trailing on the tall tanned skin 'way too young for me' waiter.

"We'll think about it," Jaejoong said rolling his eyes.

The door of the restaurant opened making the small bell that was attached jingle revealing three god-like boys trailing behind a dolphin.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Jaejoong shouted anger and surprise clearly showing in his voice. His eyes were in their largest state while his face was as white as snow and his finger had stuck out pointing to the tall man that had come to piss him off several times that day. 

"Kim Jaejoong do not speak to our customers like that! Apologise immediately young man before I ban you from seeing that boyfr-" Mrs. Kim stopped seeing her son's expression harden.

"Sorry Ma'am. I am so sorry for insulting you 'Casanova King'," Jaejoong said through gritted teeth and a sarcastic tone taking form on the end of his words.

"Joongie only does that when he likes someone," Mr. Kim stated walking out clutching a tissue to his finger.

"Honey, you are so lucky our son is here and he can cook or we would have to rely on Changmin cooking again," Mrs. Kim said shaking her head as she dragged her husband into the bathroom.

"Appa! Umma! Jesus fu-" Jaejoong was cut off by a very hard slap to the back of his head. He turned to look at the innocently smiling Heechul sitting next to him.

"What the fu-" He was cut off once again due to another slap to the back of his head. Jaejoong's eyebrow was twitching in anger as he glared at his feminine friend.

Hehe his angry face is cute.... wait what? Bwahaha yeah right his face, cute? A...hehe....um.... Yunho found himself thinking much to his own displeasure.

"I thought you stopped cussing Jaejoongie," Heechul said the smile not disappearing from his feminie features. 

"Oh. My. God. Isn't he so~~~~ cute!" Donghae squealed abruptly in a very un-manly voice pointing to the hiding Yesung.

"What? So is the boy toy Teukkie said was drooling all over you, Yesung? Wow he's cute. You sure know how to make someone fall head over heels for you, and I thought you had no skills," Heechul stated smirking and winking seductively to the tallest among the standing boys.

Yesung groaned shoulders heaving up and down as he sobbed quietly hating his life. He hopelessly prayed that this was all just a nightmare and he was still in the apartment sleeping with his little pink froggy teddy.

"Yesung are you cryin- What the hell is he doing?" Kangin asked rubbing his temples thinking that this was too much drama on another level than he was used to.

"Yah get your head away from the customers you freak!" Jaejoong said furrowing his eyebrows.

"Chunnie if you wanted food you could've just asked my Jae hyung to make it for you, he's the best chef I know. Hyung why do you want to be a singer when you could become a famous chef one day?" Junsu asked changing topics abruptly.

"Duck butt please stop revealing everything about me to your boyfriend, Donghae, the rest of the restaurants residence and that... that thing that is standing beside you," Jaejoong replied plastering a fake smile on his pretty face.

Yunho's eyes slitted as he walked up to the pretty boy sitting down in front of him. He bent down to be eye level with the raven head.

Jaejoong felt his breathing quicken as he looked at Yunho's face up close noticing a small mole on the left side of his top lip.

"Listen up princess, I am not a thing. Now if you don't mind but I would appreciate it if you don't talk to me," Yunho hissed before leaning closer to Jaejoong's ear and purred, "I don't like a tease princess."

Jaejoong blinked his eyes, as he felt his face burn with a crimson red blush before pushing the evilly smirking Yunho out of his personal space bubble.

The doors to the kitchen opened exposing the tall gorgeous waiter carrying five sodas and their ramyun. His tongue was sticking out to the left side of his luscious lips as he concentrated on carrying the order without spilling it.

Jaejoong got up blushing a little when the other smiled at him before quickly walking into the kitchen his heart beating a little faster.

Jesus Jaejoong. What did that kid do to you? Calm down. Shit I'm going to kill that.... that thing. How dare he get in my personal space that... arrrgh~. Why can't he just stay away from me? He knows I dislike him but nooooo he has to keep showing up in my life. Jaejoong thought pouting as he cupped his cheeks rubbing them to help them to cool down. 

"Boys please keep it down, this is a restaurant. Where's Jaejoong?" Mrs. Kim asked a confused expression playing across her face.

"He's in the kitchen aunt," Junsu replied giggling when he felt his boyfriend's arms wrap around his waist tightly.

"Jaejoong, why are you really here?" Mrs. Kim asked her son who was facing the wall.

"I'm here because this is my home why else?" Jaejoong retorted shutting his eyes as he prayed his mother wouldn't bring up him.

"Jaejoong do not give me that. Now tell me what happened between Tae Hyun and you?" Mrs. Kim asked calmly trying to figure out her sons real motives.

"Don't you fucking dare ask what happened between us! You hated him and that's why you and appa left to come back here! You hated him and because I loved him you hated me! Don't ever mention him to me again! Now you see why I don't live with you and appa because you can never accept my sexuality! I hate you!" Jaejoong screamed tears welling in his dark brown eyes as he threw a plate to the ground.

Yunho's POV

What's going on in there? I thought as I listened to the screams coming from the kitchen. I looked around to the group of Junsu's friends to see them all staring at the table solemn expressions on their faces. Even that emo guy had a different look on his face.

I felt myself flinch when I heard the smashing of a plate. What is going on in there? My curiosity was building when I heard everything go silent.

I watched as Jaejoong rushed out of the kitchen wiping his red eyes with the back of his sleeve before he hurried out of the restaurant slamming the door on his way out.

I could feel my heart clench for a millisecond as I watched him pace outside the shop in somewhat of a daze. 

"Jaejoong... Come on boys we have a club to get to. Sorry not to have been really able to get to know you and to have you witness such a thing happen, really there is much more drama than this normally," Jung-soo joked running out of the shop a grim expression on his face with the others following him.

"Chun I have to go," Junsu spoke quietly.

"What? Why?" I heard Yoochun ask as I continued to stare out the window as the group of boys began to walk away.

"Because, he's my best friend Chun. I need to be there for him," Junsu said trying to escape from his boyfriend's grip.

"Chun come on just let him go," Donghae said placing a hand on Yoochun's shoulder.

I watched as Junsu ran out of the restaurant to catch up with his friends.

Jaejoong.... What was that all about? I asked myself sighing and turning to face my two best friends.

"I am so sorry you witnessed that young masters," Mrs. Kim spoke as she leaned against the top of one of the tables sighing and looking much older than she was.

"How come I have nine daughters and none of them give me this much hassle? Hehe. If you would like to order something don't hesitate to ask," She spoke palming the side of her face, I suddenly noticed her eyes were red looking like she had been crying.



"Come on Jaejoong slow the drinking down," Jung-soo said motioning the bartender to stop supplying drinks to his younger friend.

"I don't like it here," Junsu squeaked as he clung to Heechul tightly.

"Oo no wat butts.... I dink I wan ve.... sum fun tunite...." Jaejoong slurred his words standing up from the stool he was sitting on. 

The raven head walked over to the middle of the crowded dance floor his friends having a hard time following him there.

Junsu was the only one who didn't know what was going on and he wasn't getting any answers from the others either. The others knew though, they were first hand witnesses to what happened when Jaejoong was like this. He would have a huge fight with his parents or the named man Jaejoong fell in love with, he would storm out crying and go to a club, get drunk until he won't be able to remeber what happened the nest day, then he will go to the dance floor to find a man, with that man he will either let them give him a hand job or a blow job but nothing more.

It had happened so many times ever since they were fourteen, Jung-soo tried so hard everytime he was there to stop what was going to happen but he always found himself losing the slippery raven head. But the one time he wasn't Jaejoong needed him the most so the responsibility was left to Jong-woon to protect Jaejoong.

The three had tried for so long never to let Junsu see this side of Jaejoong, never let him think anything was happening between Jaejoong's family but the truth was Jaejoong was tearing them apart even if he didn't want to, the love he had for the boy that stole his heart started this mess and still it hasn't ended.

Jaejoong grinded his hips onto the obviously older man's bulging crotch. Jaejoong turned his head to passionately kiss the other letting him slide his tongue into his own mouth as the older's arms snaked around his tiny waist. 

"Yunho what are we doing here?" Donghae asked pouting as he really hated clubs especially the one his father owned, this one. T.R.I.C.K .

"It's a club, why do think we are here? Well I want to get laid and Chun here needs to as well, ever since he's been going out with Junsu he's been so uptight about everything," Yunho replied scanning the dance floor for some hot woman or man he can bang tonight when something or someone caught his eyes.

"Chun talking about Junsu isn't that him down there with his commoner friends?" Yunho asked his eyes focused on the group of boys he thought seemed familiar.

"Since when does your father let commoners into his club?" Yoochun asked searching for the boy who captured his heart.

"Just because they aren't rich it doesn't mean they are any less of human beings. I like commoners, they keep things interesting and they don't care about what people think of them," Donghae stated honestly as his own eyes searched for his little Jong-woonie.

"I think you're just referring to that emo guy," Yunho said chuckling as he began walking down the steps of the club his eyes still locked onto the raven haired boy.

"What?! No!" Donghae shouted his voice a notch higher than it normally was causing his friends to laugh hysterically at his very failure of an excuse.  

The three boys walked up to the dance floor making the crowed part at their entrance.

"Jaejoong, please stop this! Fuck him, fuck them, fuck them all! Just please don't go home with this man!" Jung-soo shouted over the pounding music.

"Junsu what are you doing here?" Yoochun asked staring at his younger boyfriend holding onto Heechul's arm.

"Yea... puck dem all.... nd I wan b on dem ben pucked tunite... so fuck off Jung-soo," Jaejoong said his sentence ending coherently.

"Jae? You aren't drunk?" Young-woon asked his eyebrows raised.

"Fuck no, do you think I would let some guy give me a blow job when I'm drunk? Hell no I would kick his ass if he tried anything on me, I just act it so they think I'm easy but hell no it takes a lot more than six shots of whisky to get me drunk," Jaejoong said turning around in the other man's embrace smiling seductively.

"Yoochun!" Junsu squeaked when he saw his beloved standing across the dance floor from him. He ran over to the other burying his head in his chest.

"Jaejoong? Is that you?" Yunho asked in total disbelief that this boy was such a wild cat. And boy did it turn him on.

"Shit," He cursed under his breath noting that he can't even talk dirty to the beautiful raven haired boy.

"Fuck off Yunho, I'm not in the mood for your stupid little games. Okay guys you win lets go home, you can all crash at Yesung's and my place tonight except for you rich snobby little kids and you Su cause it's way past your bed time," Jaejoong said walking off the stage his friends sighing and walking after him.

"Yah! Kim Jaejoong, did you hear a word of what I said about talking to me like that?!" Yunho shouted after the other feeling tha anger course through his veins once more due to the pretty boy.


"Jaejoong what the hell was that about?" Jung-soo asked bitterly when they entered the apartment they were going to crash at for the night.

Jaejoong sighed rubbing his forehead as he looked for the bottle of whisky he had hidden in the cupboards a few days ago. He didn't want to hear this, he didn't want to hear how he's fucked up so many times, how he always ruins everything with the ones he's loved, how he ends up fighting and hurting his parents, how he is tearing his family apart because of the boy his heart still belongs to. He doesn't want to hear it not any of it and especially from Jung-soo, he was supposed to not ask questions, he was supposed to be the one to rescue him from the clutches of the world, until he came along, he came along and Jaejoong ran with him not caring whether or not his parents consented to his behaviour.

"Jaejoong god damn it answer me!" Jung-soo said turning his friend around and placing his hand on Jaejoong's shoulders staring him in the eyes.

"Teuk, please don't ask me... I-I can't..." Jaejoong said feeling the tears he was holding back form in his eyes once again. He averted his gaze not being able to look at his friend.

"Get some sleep Jae, you'll need it if you want to get out of bed tomorrow," Jung-soo muttered letting go of his younger friend feeling the guilt of breaking the one promise to Jaejoong.

"Thank you Teukkie hyung, I am so sorry," Jaejoong mumbled wiping his eyes before walking off to his room leaving his friends still standing in the same position they were when they entered.

"Jung-soo, I'm sorry I couldn't protect him," Jong-woon said his voice not the normal monotone he used but the normal voice he uses when he is around the people closest to him. His words caused the eldest to stare at him with fire in his eyes.

"Jong-woon don't you dare apologise to me, you have no right to apologise. You done everything you could to protect him and I am proud the way you handled it," Jung-soo said his voice stern but soft at the same time.

"Come on my little petals let's get some sleep, we are going to have a big day trying to stop all the rumours that will have spread concerning Jae and this little incident. Jong-woon you'll have your hands full tomorrow with trying to keep them away from him, and you Young-woon you're gonna have some fun beating those crackers up," Heechul said a sad expression taking over his normal flirty or happy ones.

"This is what we do to protect each other isn't it?" Young-woon asked looking at the others who were all nodding their heads expressions the same.

"We're the only family each other's got so we have to," Jung-soo spoke softly giving an encouraging smile to the youngers.

"Good night Susu babe," Yoochun said softly, embracing his younger boyfriend into a warm hug.

"He scared me Chun, I've never seen him like that before. I don't want to see him like that, he's supposed to be the one who deals with things differently but since he's been back something's changed in him," Junsu said into his boyfriend's chest not wanting to leave the warm hug.

"Oh babe, I won't let him scare you ever again. I won't let him, I promise you that Su. Give him time, I'm sure he'll go back to being the same Jaejoong you knew," Yoochun said trying to comfort the other as much as he can. It was breaking his heart hearing the words coming from his baby's mouth so frightened and sad.

"Okay Chunnie, I trust your judgement. I'll see you tomorrow morning," Junsu said breaking away from their hug as much as it pained him he knew he had to do it.

"I love you Su, say hello to your parents and Junho for me," Yoochun said softly placing a small kiss on the cheek of his boyfriend. It would have been on the lips if he had his way but his dolphin persisted that he isn't allowed to kiss him on the lips.

"I love you to Chun," Junsu said walking up the pathway to his house waving good bye to his older boyfriend.

"Thanks for the great night," The lady said kissing the teenage boy on the cheek before turning to walk away.

The teenage boy noted the way she slipped her number into his shirt pocket before leaving. He sighed when he thought of how many numbers women and men have given him since he was fifteen.

"Yeah, great night. I fucking had to have you under me than that fucking princess who I'm going to kill tomorrow," The boy said sarcastically when she was out of earshot, running his long slender tanned fingers through his dark brown hair he exhaled deeply once again before turning and closing the door of his dance studio.

The dark brown haired boy walked over to his bedroom in the dance studio before treading over to the bed, stripping the sheets and pillow covers so he didn't have to sleep on sheets he had just had sex on. He shoved them in the laundry pile before grabbing a pillow from his cupboard, the pillow he sleeps on when he doesn't go home and walking over to the couch lying down on it sighing for the thousandth time that night. 

"Good night Yunho," Yunho told himself smiling as he looked up at the ceiling in the pitch black room.

Dear Diary,

I fucked up again, can you believe it? I totally screwed it again! How can I do this everytime I'm with them? They shouldn't have to keep protecting me from myself. I am supposed to be able to handle this now, nothing should be able to break me but no, how does it still play with me? Junsu saw this side of me, after everything they done to protect him from seeing this side of me, from seeing the fact I am tearing my family apart. Fuck I stuffed up big time. So here I am writing to you once again.

How come everything comes back to him diary why? I can't even live my life without being reminded of him, I just want his memory to be gone. I don't want to remember him, that's why I tore him out. I placed him in a tin box so I never have to see anything that reminds me of him. Yeah that's how pathetic I am.

On another note, that fucking Jung Yunho is really pssing me off, I don't know why but darn he just arrrghhhh I don't know how to explain it. Yeah I know you are probably thinking this is what happened before, with him. But no I will never ever fall in love again not with someone who doesn't believe in soul mates. Not with someone who's an egotistic self centered bastard. Not with someone who is like him. They are so much alike it pains me to look at him. They are both play boys or 'Casanova King's' of their countries. Fuck them all, all play boys who think they can fuck anyone they want. Jung Yunho I hate you, everything about you, that annoying voice, the stupid hair, the way you walk, just everything about you because you are a reincarnation of him.

I can't write anymore... I just can't, it hurts too much to think about everything I stuff up, about that fucking bastard.

Good Night Diary

Jaejoong felt the tears he was holding in stream down his face and fall onto the sheets and pages below him. Wiping them away when the door creaked open he shoved the diary in his draw trying to compose himself. 


"What smells so good?" Young-woon asked walking sleepily into the kitchen, eyes still half closed. He opened one of them to see Jaejoong cooking a giant breakfast.

"Jae what are you doing?" Young-woon asked once again this time his voice a little less in sleep mode. Jaejoong heard his voice so he turned around to send a small happy smile to his older friend.

"It's our breakfast. It's my thank you for helping me out last night, I don't know how else to thank you than with my cooking," Jaejoong stated honestly as he turned back to scrambling the eggs.

Thank you Jung-soo Jaejoong mentally said not wanting to voice his thoughts when the other would come out of the room with very bad bed hair.


Jaejoong and Yesung walked down the crowded corridor staying as close to each other as they could get. They were recieving stares once again but this time of disgust and anger. Yesung had followed Jaejoong to his locker not bothering to go to his own since he had his books in his bag from yesterday.

"Hyung, is it just me or are more people staring at us?" The younger asked pulling his fringe over his eyes so he never had to look the intimidating rich kids in the eyes.

"Yeah Jong-woon, they are. I'm sorry, you shouldn't have to put up with this," Jaejoong apologised feeling even more guilty than he did last night.

They walked to their first class together concentrating on where they were going and not on the looks they were getting from the other students.

"Now I understand why you hate the world," Jaejoong commented when they entered their song writing class earning a small smile from Yesung.

"Oh. My. God. Did that emo guy just smile?" One of the girls in their class asked loud enough for everyone to hear causing Yesung to inhale deeply before exhaling and balling his hands up into fists.

"It's none of your business so shut the fuck up!" Jaejoong said defending his friend.

"Excuse me?! Did I just hear you speak to me? The faggot who acted like he was drunk so some guy could get in his pants!" She retorted making the rest of the class laugh.

"I think you heard correct you slut! If you really want to know then yes I am gay but no I don't need to act drunk to have sex I could've had your 'Casanova King' if I wanted but unlike you, I'm not some trashy whore who has to have a skirt that when she bends over her under garments show just so she can have sex!" Jaejoong hissed back at the slutty girl who was making his blood boil.The whole clas gasped moving their hands to cover their mouths.

"Ahahahaha~, oh my god. No wonder Su loves you so much, hahaha, you are indeed witty, oh and yes if you are wondering he could've had Yunho the first time they saw each other," Yoochun fell into a fit of hysterical laughter, tears forming at the edge of his eyes.

"WHAT? I-I c-could've?" Jaejoong turned around asking with wide eyes to an enthusiastically nodding Yoochun.

What? No i don't want him! Jeez I was just saying that for effect! Jaejoong thought shaking his head vigorously as he was pulled down to a seat up the back by a very thankful Jong-woon.

"U-Um excuse me but do you mind if I sit here?" A tall tan, smooth skinned boy with medium length hair and black rimmed glasses asked the two other boys who were now sitting with Yoochun and going to be the running late Junsu.

TBC Chapter 3
I would like to thank everyone who commented on my character bios and first chapter *sends YJ and YS cookies*
I really think this chapter is boring and lame but I hope you like it anyway. I know there isn't much Yj interaction but there will be very soon so don't worry. And the Yoosu is coming as well.
Can anyone guess who the tall boy asking for a seat is???
I really hope you enjoyed, don't give up on me if it's lame I just have to build it up a bit before they start getting along and everything hehehe. lol
V Seoul Business & Arts Academy V

V Cuisine Of The Heart Restaurant= Jae's Parent's Restaurant V

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