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(FIC) Bittersweet

 Title: Bittersweet
Author: Nyrok5 A.K.A Kezz
Rating: NC-17
Warning: BoyxBoy, SMUT
Pairings: Eunhae
Genre: Smut, Drama
Summary: Could a one sided love flower into something more
Note: Valentine's Day fic exchange

“Hae, yah Hae, come on we’re late, Donghae wake up,” Eunhyuk continued, shaking his friend’s shoulder while trying to cover the purple blemishes on his neck with Donghae’s mother’s make-up.

He watched as the younger boy turned to face him, kicking the blankets further down his naked body signalling the older that his bed mate was awake but blatantly ignoring his pleas. With a roll of his eyes Eunhyuk turned around going back into the younger boy’s private en suit to go back to trying to cover the love bites that weren’t going away.

Slowly pushing himself from the bed Donghae stumbled over to his set of draws grabbing a pair of boxer briefs before making his way blindly into the bathroom.

“You don’t have time for a shower just get dressed,” Eunhyuk scolded, blocking the younger boy’s sleepy attempts to get to the shower. With a halfhearted roll of his eyes Donghae turned the inside of his thighs towards the older boy, flushing a light shade of pink in embarrassment when Eunhyuk noticed the crusty white substance on his thighs. “I told you we shouldn’t have done it last night, you know we end up being late because of it.”

“I’m sorry hyung,” Donghae replied quietly, hanging his head in shame.

“Sit on the bench and I’ll clean you up quickly,” Eunhyuk smiled tightly, as the words left his lips. He helped the younger onto the sink counter top grabbing a warm cloth and running it gently over the two pale thighs staring back at him. Donghae, trying to be helpful removed the layers of makeup from the other’s neck reapplying the makeup expertly. “You’re too good at applying make-up,” The older brunette snickered, watching Donghae apply the make-up to his own purple love bites.

“You’re just jealous,” Donghae replied, struggling to pull his uniform on while brushing his teeth.

“Of what, your cross dressing tendencies?” Eunhyuk snickered, referring to the play Donghae acted in in their freshman year. He was prettier than the girls that tried out not to mention he could pull off the outfits better than them as well, his ‘pretty boy’ look garnered him a few fans and a lot of anti-fans, multiplied by the students envious of him being best friends with the most popular boy in school gained him over half the school hating him. The other half was made up of people loving him and ones that didn’t even know about his existence.

“That was once and I learnt my lesson when the soccer club beat me up, stripped me naked and tied me to the goals,” The younger said after spitting the mouthful of toothpaste into the sink, the terrifying images flooding his mind once again.

“Yeah then I found you and we--”

“Yeah,” Donghae cut him off, walking out of the bathroom, grabbing his school bag sitting by the door and walking out of his room leaving Eunhyuk standing in the room by himself.

Donghae didn’t want to be reminded of that day, the humiliation of having himself exposed to the entire soccer team was bad enough without Eunhyuk bringing up the first time they did whatever this is—well he knew exactly what this is. They were fucking, sleeping together, having sex. Why? The brunette didn’t exactly know the reason why his best friend journeyed down that path with him but god he never wanted it to stop.

Their first time, well it was a complete disaster. They were alone in Donghae’s room, his parents weren’t home for the weekend so they had the place to themselves. They had curled up on the bed and Eunhyuk had accidentally pressed play on the dvd remote turning on the last movie the younger boy had been watching. It just happened, to Donghae’s utter humiliation, to be a porn movie, a gay porn movie. Eunhyuk almost fell off the bed, sure he had known his best friend was gay for a few years but he’d never actually seen two men do the things they were on the screen. He turned the younger to see him in a mixed state of shock and arousal.

For Eunhyuk it had been quite a sight to see the younger boy like this, something no one else—well he hoped at least no one else had seen him so, erotic. His eyes were wide and doe like, the chocolaty brown orbs glazed in lust, his cheeks were brightly flushed pink, the small soft pink lips slightly parted as shallow breaths were released through them and as Eunhyuk trailed his eyes down he noticed the tent beginning to form in his best friend’s boxers.

“H-Hae..” Eunhyuk trailed off nervously, his eyes tearing themselves away from the bulge in the younger’s boxers to his face which he honestly wish he didn’t because he found the younger boy’s expression even more enticing than it had been earlier. “D-Do you want me to help you... with that?”

Eunhyuk’s eyes had widened when the realisation had hit him that he was going to pleasure another man, his best friend, his gay best friend.

After the initial shock and their stupid argument about if he would help him out this once or not he had removed Donghae of his boxers, staring at the hardened length before him and the sounds of the movie playing softly in the background. He had given the hard flesh a few hesitant jerky strokes, eliciting a string of soft moans to fall from the pale teen’s lips. The other honestly had no idea how he was making Donghae release these melodic sounds, not even when he first masturbated was he this awkward but somehow Donghae was bucking his hips into his hand and whimpering for more.

“God..H-Hyuk f-fuck... f-fuck me.. please f-fuck me,” The words had left Donghae’s lips as a natural progression of what they were doing, and hell he didn’t object.

Needless to say both of them remembered exactly how much of a disaster it had turned out to be, the younger brunette was a lot tighter than the older had imagined (actually he’d never imagined being inside another male let alone his best friend) and that in itself was an obstacle. Trying to push anything inside Donghae without him screaming and pleading for his friend to stop was almost an impossible task, and when he had finally pushed himself inside finding Donghae’s prostate was something Eunhyuk didn’t even think about until the other boy pointed it out halfway through one of Eunhyuk’s jerky, all too hard, completely random angled thrusts. In the end Eunhyuk had made Donghae cry and bleed, meaning he had to look after the younger boy for the rest of the weekend.

After that Donghae had never wanted to experience sex ever again, ever and when he set his mind to something he would make sure it happened, or in this case, didn’t happen again. That resolve had lasted about a week until he and Eunhyuk were sharing Eunhyuk’s bed and Eunhyuk had woken up hard and panting after a particular dream involving a large breasted raven haired woman and him licking her out. When he turned over, hoping to find his best friend asleep and not have heard anything that he would have been doing he found Donghae glaring at him like he was the devil. They had then, proceeded to continue sleeping together. That was three months ago.

“Yah Lee Donghae! Where do you think you’re going?” Kibum asked, concern lacing his voice as he caught up to the obviously sulking brunette. He sighed in relief when the other gave up his moody march to wherever the hell he goes when he’s sulking like the pretty princess he was and leaned against the red bricked wall, downcast eyes flicking up slightly to the group of boys and girls all crowded around a bench outside, Eunhyuk and a pretty brunette girl the centre of the group’s attention.

“...Nowhere,” Donghae sighed, feeling his heart clenching tightly in his chest as he watched his best friend’s lips make contact with the girl’s cheek quickly, earning an all too loud chorus of ‘ooooh’s’.

“If I know you correctly, and I believe I do. It has something to do with a particular brunette male with his latest fling,” Kibum spoke the words more as a statement than anything, slender fingers adjusting the thick rimmed glasses on his face precisely.

“...He said her name again... when he—inside me...” The older trailed off, the words spilling from his lips forced and thick.

Kibum grabbed the other’s hand dragging him towards the rest rooms, internally praying that they’d make it there in time before tears began spilling from the two blood shot red eyes.

“Aish, Donghae why do you keep doing this to yourself?” Kibum questioned his friend, arms crossing over his chest as he watched the heartbreaking streams of tears fall from the other’s eyes and small choked sobs fall from his lips.

“I d-don’t do anythi--”

“That’s my point,” Kibum interrupts, sending one of his full blown ‘I’ve-had-enough-of-this-shit’ glares, his eyes becoming tiny little slits and in any other circumstance Donghae would have laughed at the teen for his theatrics but this time he knew to stay quiet. “You don’t do anything, you just let him have his way with you even when he says that sluts name when he...when he’s fucking you. I’m sick of it, you need to tell him, how long has it been since you figured out you’re in love with him, huh? Two? Three years? Grow a pair and when he breaks up with the skank he’s with right now you walk up to him and ask him out, I don’t care if you piss your pants doing it, you’re going to man up and ask him!”

Donghae couldn’t believe the words he just heard come from his friend and neighbour’s mouth, he had never heard Kibum swear that many times in one rant; in one day. Actually scratch that, ever. The younger boy was usually this gorgeous prince charming with a personality to match his looks. So to say he was scared was an understatement, hell, he was terrified. There was no way on earth that he could ever confess the way he felt let alone ask Eunhyuk out. He would never be able to deal with the rejection; it would break his heart to see the way Eunhyuk would look at him after that. They could never be friends after such a confession. His own best friend would reject him because of the way he felt about him.

“K-Kibum... I-I can’t... he’ll hate me, no I-I can’t ever tell him. I’ll get over i-it you’ll see... it’s just a crush, I promise,” Donghae stuttered out, the tears that were previously streaming down his face leaving cold dry streaks on the pale skin of his cheeks.

Needless to say the next week rolled around much too quick for Donghae’s liking, Eunhyuk had told him on the phone last night that he was going to break with Taeyeon. And ever since that moment he couldn’t shake the pit of dread in his stomach, he knew today would be the day he had to fess up and he was not looking forward to it. To be honest, he had been mulling over throwing himself out of his second story bedroom window, but there were trees and plants there to stop his fall, the only result would be, if he was lucky, a broken arm or leg.
So here he was, sitting in his English class, eyes firmly glued to the clock that was ticking rapidly towards the lunch hour. He was so busy trying to slow the clock down with his glare he didn’t know the bell had gone signaling that the small bit of freedom the students had was finally here.

Donghae dragged his feet slowly through the cafeteria, not noticing the growing crowd gathering around one of the tables until some obnoxious senior practically yelled in his ear ‘Jessica is confessing to Eunhyuk’. The statement took a few moments to sink into the teen’s head but as soon as they did he bolted towards the crowd, pushing and shoving people out of his way until he was faced with one of his worst nightmares.

The stupid brunette slut really was confessing to his boy—best friend. He could feel his throat drying up and the small amount of saliva he could accumulate was becoming thick in his mouth. This wasn’t happening, it was all just a horrible nightmare he wasn’t waking up from, soon he’d wake up and Eunhyuk would be lying right beside him, sleeping peacefully.

“H-Hyuk...” He choked out the word hoping that the older teen would hear him but his pathetic attempt was drowned out by the crowd erupting into a roar when the words ‘Yes, of course’ spilled from Eunhyuk’s mouth.

He could feel his heart breaking in his chest, at least when Jessica and he weren’t together he still had the only thing Eunhyuk hadn’t given to anyone else. His body, sure he’d kissed but never made love to someone. Now he was with the girl he’d been wanting for the entire year, which meant that he didn’t need Donghae anymore; he was just the replacement anyway.

It had been a month, exactly. Not that Donghae had been counting the days his heart kept breaking for, no he wasn’t that stupidly in love to do that.

“Yah Donghae how long are you going have they been going out now? You can’t keep being depressed--”

“Thirty one days, six hours, fourteen minutes and forty on—two seconds,” Donghae replied miserably from having his face buried in his pillow, okay maybe he had been counting.

Kibum rolled his eyes, raising his fist and mumbling curses under his breath at the depressed lump of a teenager lying on the bed. He had done the same thing almost every day since Eunhyuk and Jessica got together and Kibum wasn’t the only one who seemed to notice how this was affecting Donghae. The dance team had, his friends had, hell even the teachers noticed just how miserable Donghae seemed to be. But no one mentioned it, well at least not to his face. The things that were said behind his back just continued to get worse.

Some were saying that he had an undying love for Jessica and he was broken hearted, some were saying he had finally come to terms that he was a ‘fag’ and others were saying Eunhyuk had rejected him and that’s why they weren’t talking. Some of these weren’t so off but not that Donghae or Kibum were going to tell them to change their guessed attempts at the reason behind the pretty boy’s sudden miserable state.

“Well too fucking bad because today you have to suck your little depressed princess state up and hang out with your best frien--”
“What did you do?!” Donghae cut Kibum off again, head raising from his pillow and glaring darkly at the raven haired male sitting on the edge of his bed wearing a knowing grin.

“Oh I just texted Eunhyuk from your phone asking him if he could come over because you had something important to tell him,” Kibum answered, slightly cowering before Donghae’s dark glare that was growing more intense with every passing second.
“You did wh-”

The door swung open as Eunhyuk walked in, eyebrow arcing slightly at the sight in front of him. Donghae instantly dropped his curled fist that was about to his Kibum, the said younger standing up and walking out of the room mumbling a ‘lovesick fools’.

“Hiya Hae,” Eunhyuk grinned, pouncing on his best friend and pinning him to the bed. Donghae looked up at him miserably, eyes saddening. “I broke up with Jessica a week and a half ago, I would have told you but you seemed pissed at me-”


“You really missed me didn’t you?” The amusement lacing Eunhyuk’s otherwise husky voice was only fuelling Donghae’s anger towards the older teen. He was still mad that Eunhyuk hadn’t told him he had broken up with Jessica over a week ago, but when he felt Eunhyuk’s mouth sucking gently on his neck, leaving small moist marks on his skin while his hands rubbed firmly up and down his sides, he instantly melted into the bed.

Donghae’s fingers clawed at his back, blunt fingernails dragging up and down the white material of Eunhyuk’s school shirt while small helpless moans slipped past his lips when he felt Eunhyuk’s teeth sink into his collar bone. He loved the way Eunhyuk’s skilful mouth felt on his collar bone, the way his tongue rubbed over it like that and the way his body would instinctively rock itself into him when he sucked on it in that particular way that had the heat pooling in his lower body already.

“H-Hyuk...P-please, n-need you,” Donghae pleaded, voice resounding in a small whisper, barely loud enough for the other teen to hear. Eunhyuk obeyed the needy plea, quickly removing Donghae’s school shirt as well as his own before crashing their lips together again, slipping his hands under the white wife beater Donghae was wearing.

Donghae shivered ad Eunhyuk’s cold fingers trailing their way up to his hardened nipples, twisting and pinching the small nubs, evoking soft needy whimpers from the younger boy’s lips. Eunhyuk almost ripped the wife beater from Donghae’s body, the instant the white material falling from his body his own lips attacking the exposed creamy skin, leaving small marks on the otherwise flawless white expanse.

Slipping his hand between the younger teen’s legs, palm flat over his clothed cock, he could already feel the beginnings of Donghae’s hardening length as he palmed and massaged him through the material of his jeans, his mouth taking in one of the younger boy’s pert nipples; groaning around the nub as he felt Donghae pushing himself needily against him.

“H-Hyuk...o-oh god please...h-hyung...” Donghae whimpered his legs instinctively spreading as the burning in his lower abdomen intensified. He let out a small whimper at the loss of heat when the other pulled away, the air feeling cold around his abused nub on his chest. His frustration, however, was soon doused when his school trousers as well as his boxers were pulled from his body, the older flipping him onto his stomach while simultaneously pressing every inch of his torso and lower region against his body.

He could feel Eunhyuk’s cock pressing against the cleft of his ass; his hips slowly starting to rub up and down evoking a needy mewl to spill from Donghae’s throat. He wanted him so bad, the hands running up and down his sides hard and the hips grinding against him roughly was lighting every sensitive cell in his body. He didn’t ever know he could go without Eunhyuk for so long since the first time they slept together but he did and now his body was making up for it with a vengeance that caused his whole body to ache in want.

A loud, pained cry flew from his lips when Eunhyuk thrust into him without warning. He instantly wished that he didn’t want Eunhyuk as much as he did because he still had yet to perfect pushing inside him without causing him to scream in pain.

“S-Sorry...” Eunhyuk grunted, slowly beginning to thrust in and out of the other loving the way his best friend felt so tight around him, the warm walls clenching around him every few moments as he moved in an out.

Eunhyuk pushed his hips in and out quickly, small pain and pleasure mixed moans falling from his pink lips instinctively pushing back against the jerky untimed thrusts.

Their breaths became laboured quickly as they pressed against each other, moans and whimpers of the others name falling from their lips. Donghae knew he wasn’t going to last long with the way Eunhyuk was thrusting violently against his prostate, each time he hit it was bringing him closer to the edge and the pool of lust in his stomach moving further down.

Eunhyuk could feel the way the younger boy was beginning to tense up, clenching around him slightly as he pushed in and out harder. Donghae cried out loudly, clenching tightly around the other as he came heavily onto the sheets. The unbearable tight heat around him was enough to send him over the edge, spilling into Donghae.

“H-Hyuk...” Donghae panted, rolling onto his back after the older had pulled out of him.


“W-Who do you like?” Donghae stuttered, snuggling into the warm body that pulled him closer. His eyes slid shut when he felt Eunhyuk’s fingers running through his hair gently.

“I’ll give you a clue, the person is brunette, has the most mesmerising eyes and smile I have ever seen and is laying in my arms right now,” Eunhyuk couldn’t keep the smile off his face when he heard the short little gasp coming from the younger boy. “I like you Hae.”

“I like you too Hyukkie,” Donghae smiled when Eunhyuk kissed him gently.
Hey guys, hope you like ^^
Tags: genre: drama, genre: smut, pairing: donghae/eunhyuk, rating: nc-17

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  • (FIC) Jayby

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